Advice for College Students from Lauren Berger

March 9th The Ex Recruiter show welcomed Lauren Berger  aka InternQueen. While attending college Lauren worked 15 internships and now helps other students find internships and speaks at many colleges and universities around the country. Lauren proved to be a great guest and a wonderful speaker. Some of the issue that we spoke about was:

  • The misconception of GEN Y not holding internships which she feels part of the problem is lack of urgency by the generation.
  • Career services offices and how many are not equipped to help students find internships whether it is because of funding or just reaching out the communities to make employers aware that there are students interested in internships.
  • The importance of networking
  • Taking an internship even if it is unpaid because internships not only give you good experience but can also provide you with great contacts
  • Lauren also spoke about how important it is to apply for at least 10 if not more internships to possibly have a good chance at getting one
  • She also reminded people that everyone always looks to the well know companies for internships but can get just as much experience if not more from the lesser known companies

All in all Lauren proved why she is in such demand, she has a great presence is well spoken and can communicate with people from all generations. The Ex Recruiter Show wishes Lauren continued success. If you would like to hear the entire interview click here


Extreme Candidate Makeover March 8th

Monday March 8th was the 3rd edition of Extreme Candidate Makeover with Candidates Kimberley Roden and Alan Scott. They were given great advice by our Expert Panel which included Rosa Vargas, Jeremy Worthington, Karla Porter and Steve Levy. Both candidates not only listened to the advice but also asked questions about how to conduct a better job search and shared what some of the difficulties they are having in their current search. All in all both candidates expressed thanks to the panel and felt they were given excellent takeaways in order for them to better highlight their resumes and also conduct their search. You can hear the entire show here

Social Media and Privacy

Our Show on Tuesday was about Social Recruiting Scenarios with our guest Joan Ginsberg and Yvette Ferry. We discussed many scenarios and issues facing recruiters and candidates who are active on Social Media sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Many topics were discussed about what recruiters, companies and candidates should and possibly should not do. We all agreed that if you are active on many of these sites just to be safe we should all be cautious as to what you put out on them for others to see and read. Some of the scenarios discussed ranged from topics about pregnancy during a job search to profiles and inappropriate pictures being posted online. Many of the listeners and guest felt the show was helpful and educational. If you liked to hear the show in its entirety click here

Getting Our Vets Working

On February 23rd our guest on the show was BlakeCannon. Blake is a Vet­eran with a mis­sion, to put other mil­i­tary vet­er­ans to work. The show was inspiring and brought to many people’s attention how critical it is to work with our returning vets helping them return to the workforce. One thing that stood out was how out of touch many still are about the situation facing vets.  Blake a disabled vet himself and now a recruiter works every day to make companies aware of how vets can be a benefit to them.  Blake and his boss Rudy speak to companies daily to try to get them to budget some of their monies to hire vets and also to understand how their skills transfer over to civilian positions.

Clearly passionate about what he does however also frustrated at the lack of attention this issue receives, Blake spoke about some of the daily occurrences he sees and hears on various networking sites or videos he views where there are jobs being shipped to other countries, while we have vets and so many Americans unemployed.

Blake was truly an inspiration to all who took part in the show or who listened in.  If you didn’t get a chance to hear the show here is the link GETVETSWORKING

A Holistic and Realistic Approach to HR

 Our guest on Monday 2/22 was @JeanneMale CEO & President of Emp-Higher Performance Development, Inc., a training and performance consulting firm. Her work has been published in more than 40 pharmaceutical, trade, sales, and training journals since starting the company in 1997. Last year, Jeanne began fielding an unprecedented number of calls from pharmaceutical colleagues requesting career advice in light of recent acquisitions. To stay responsive and address many of the frequently asked questions, she started a LinkedIn group which evolved to a blog The need has become so significant that Jeanne was asked to deliver a workshop for an industry Leadership Conference and most recently held an expanded version of the workshop for pharmaceutical company undergoing merger and layoffs. During our show, Jeanne integrated her Emp-Higher performance management expertise with key learnings from the Job Life Architect mindset for a holistic and realistic approach.  

Jeanne spoke about realizing when she was not involved in working with clients directly she was very unhappy because she has a calling for service.

She spoke about diagnosing what is going on within her clients’ organizations, then coaching and counseling how to get people back on track. The most common cause of a decline in performance is not dollars or commission related and that’s what she discovers, cultural issues, etc

Jeanne relies a lot on Axiology, DISC and MBTI 4 assessments when companies need band aids because high performers are losing their edge.

Jeanne was a formidable opponent when there was a need to be  and a great guest.

Listen to the entire interview here

February 16th Eve Tahmincioglu (MSN & MSNBC Columnist)

February 16th with guest Eve Tahmincioglu @careerdiva was a great conversation that covered a wide variety of topics which included her thoughts on: job seekers, career and job search coaches, senior management of companies, the glass ceiling that woman still face in the workforce, the use of interns and volunteers and the legality of the situation.  Eve shared some of the prior interviews she had done with corporate ceo’s and shared her thoughts on the new television series undercover boss. The hour conversation flew by with many topics which everyone agreed needed to be discussed in more detail. We are hoping to get Eve back for another show in the near future. Listen to the entire show here.

February 9th Bill Vick (Words of Wisdom)

February 9th our guest was Bill Vick. Bill is well known in many circles a recruiter (Big Biller), coach, author, blogger, vlogger, serial entrepreneur. So we were all very happy that he accepted our invitation to be a guest on the show. Bill spoke in great length about issues facing the Boomers.  He expressed how he became involved in recruiting and became a big biller. Bill shared how he went from being almost broke to becoming a successful business person. He spoke to the audience about how Boomers have so much strength and wisdom but don’t always realize it. One of the issues he feels is lack of self worth. Bill stated that over 30% of workers now are over the age of 50. He addressed the issue of how Boomers let the younger generations sometimes intimidate them when in fact Boomers should feel confident about themselves and the wisdom they have to offer these generations. Bill spoke about so many issues and gave us so many things to think about. The conversation while much of it focused on Boomers could apply to people of every generation.  Anyone who didn’t get to listen to the show live should take the time to listen to these “words of wisdom” from a bona fide professional and find out what the term KITA means. Listen here to WordsofWisdom.